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Hello all. Perhaps a little pointless, this website is still entertaining for me. It's just a little place for me to store some of my stuff, archive some thoughts of mine, and more so, store some of my work, whether it be models, mods, or stories, its a good bit of a place for this type of thing.

As you may notice from the banner, I'm a bit of a FreeLancer addict. Ok, maybe more than a bit, but its a kickass game, which led me to Moo, which in turn led me to the Lancers Reactor, as well as Enemy Territory. Lancers Reactor, for its part, led me to OpenLancer, a very ambitious project which I am proud to be a part of. So you could potentially say that FreeLancer had a big impact on me. What can I say? If you don't like it, bite me.

What's New?

March 13th, 2007

Starting to get pissed off with Ubisoft. I'm browsing around Blockbuster, see Splinter Cell:Chaos Theory and say "Hey! Great looking game! Buyage!" Get it home, install, no prob. Try and run it... Grr. First, in order to play, you restart. No biggie, restart. When you log in, turns out it doesn't like my custom skin, goes and fucks it up. Grr...I can fix that later. Now I want to play. Start the game, says insert cd key. Easy. Didn't work. Try it again. Still didn't work. Finally had to change a clear "8" into a "B" (it looked nothing like a "B") and it says ok. Fine. Now play. Oh wait - the game requires at least Shader 1.1. Hey wait - I've played games like that before. I have that...boot up the configuration utility...beside the box that says "Shader 1.1", theres a checkmark. It would seem my card does support it. Save changes, boot up the game. Still doesn't work. Recommends updating the graphics drivers or DirectX. I might start by mentioning that DirectX is NOT Shader 1.1, they're two entirely different systems. I could also point out that I have the latest version of that, as well as the latest graphics drivers. I'm officially pissed off. Guess what Ubisoft? Not getting any more of my money.

March 7, 2007

Created the whole bloody site, added a bunch of images, uploaded a few of my stories.


Have any comments on my stuff? Feel free to drop me a line.